Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is indeed a fact that plastic surgery does attract a number of people so that they get a better appearance; Hollywood celebrities are no exception to this. But the fact remains that anyone can look beautiful if they choose an expert plastic surgeon or else things can go really bad. One such example of poor plastic surgery procedure is that of Mary Tyler Moore whose appearance worsened after her plastic surgery procedure.
Mary Tyler Moore plastic surgery and the news revolving around the same was popular all for wrong reasons. She is one of the best examples of how wrong a poor plastic surgery can go. Mary Tyler is known to have undergone a number of cosmetic surgeries and some of which include Botox, a face lift, eye lid and also some dermal fillers.
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Botox injections as well as facelift were some of the initial plastic surgery procedures which she underwent and she took the same to prevent her skin from aging. But unfortunately Mary could not get the right combination of both and her forehead which is flawless looks quite unnatural and even her face lift did not work real well. Even her face no longer looks younger or even beautiful. Some even stated that her face looks scary and artificial. She completely lost her natural beauty as she had the worst of all the plastic surgeries that ever happened. Even the other two procedures she underwent later even added to it and made her look even worse. Some of those include a eye brow lift, fillers for cheeks and lips.
Mary Tyler Moore before Plastic Surgery looked very natural and beautiful but after taking Botox, her cheeks looked puffy and swollen and the same is very clearly evident in Mary Tyler Moore 2015 pictures which surfaced online.

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