Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Melissa Rivers who is now about 47 years old is the daughter of well known comedian Joan Rivers. She is seen to be adopting the way of her mother in getting some cosmetic procedures done. She is said to have undergone some cosmetic procedures and same like her mother she had never taken a step back in admitting that she had indeed undergone some.
Melissa Rivers plastic surgery procedures too are like similar to those of her mom and she herself admitted that she had a number of surgeries like getting a nose job done along with taking in some Botox injections. Though Melissa was not open about these in the initial states, she later confessed that she took Botox to enhance her looks. A look at some of the pictures of Melissa Rivers before plastic surgery indicates the use of Botox and also nose job and she also underwent a procedure for boob job when she was just a teenager. She also stated that she had the nose job done twice; the second time she had to do to correct the nose job which she had during her teenage times.
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There are also various news online saying that Melissa Rivers might have undergone a number of surgeries other than the breast enhancement and nose job. She might as well have undergone some cosmetic procedures on her cheeks and eye brows along with some filler for her lips. Her nose looks very much thinner when compared to earlier and even her pictures indicate the use of Botox. She does not have wrinkles on her face like women of her age do.
She might have also undergone an eyebrow lift to make her eyebrows look elevated. While Melissa Rivers did not admit having undergone so many surgeries, her before and after pictures do state the same.

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