Michael Jackson Before and After Plastic Surgery Picture

Michael Jackson is a past which is one of the top famous celebrity in world. There would be no utilizing for Michael Jackson to have ever starved of having a nose surgery job. Even though, he was still well loved; unluckily, it seems that he be ill with an obsession of repeatedly changing his appearance.
Michael Jackson was probably the most controversial singer out there. While he was born as an African American boy, he ended up dying looking almost like a white woman, according to those badmouthing him. It is still a mystery to this day how his rather dark skin ended up looking as white as a sheet of paper. Michael himself admitted to have had some 2 or 3 nose jobs, but not for aesthetic purposes, but to help him sing better. The nose surgeries gave him a smaller bridge and a Caucasian looking nose. Many people, and even specialists suggest that Michael really wanted to have a white skin and therefore did everything he could to bleach it.
He goes from a lively chunky cheeked, sweet-faced teenybopper heartthrob to a man those who were terribly disfigured by the beauty surgeries, but people all over the world still love him. If you really want to see the difference of Michael Jackson plastic surgery you can see the above picture you can also view the Michael Jackson Bad plastic surgery.
Michael Jackson latest appearances before and after the cosmetic surgeries can be easily compared. The appearance he had before the makeover was much better and appealing. The numbers of plastic surgeries that Michael Jackson did are so numerous and must never be done. As he strived to have better looks, he ended up being addicted and ultimately lost his good looks instead.
This is a popular procedure among African people living in Africa, but it is not done without bad consequences in many cases. Michael did not only have various nose jobs done and did not only bleached his skin. He had some lip surgery done as well, as his lips lost all their plumpness and the mouth itself looked somewhat bigger before he died, than when he was young. Michaelメs cosmetic surgeries, combined with a rather bad makeup routine, made him look like an ugly plastic doll.

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