Michael Jackson’s Bad Plastic Surgery: Before and After

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson did a number of cosmetic plastic surgeries and there is equally no doubt that an aspect went wrong with the Rhinoplasty part of the surgery. With time, his appearance took dramatic changes. The king of pop and probably the best dancer the modern world has seen and would ever see looked good before the extreme makeover he did. He did the surgery so many times. The preliminary surgeries improved his looks a little bit and had he known, he would have stopped at the first or second makeover. Taking his photos over an extended well spread period of time will show you exactly what he looked like before and after each surgery.
The Michael Jacksons Plastic Surgeries were multiple. According to his surgeon, he did between ten and twelve surgeries within a period of two years. As he got too much of the surgeries, he drastically ended up with a poorer look when compared with his earlier handsome looks. According to the doctor, Michael Jackson had surgeries that involved cheek implants thus resulting to a protruding cheek. In addition, he also added clefts on his chin and had eyebrow and nose surgeries the latter being the major contributor of the Michael Jacksons Bad Plastic Surgery.
No one knows when Michael Jackson did his plastic surgeries apart from the most noticeable skin color changing surgery. It is common for not only Michael Jackson but many other celebrities to do their surgeries in clandestine manner. Michael Jackson wanted to look peculiar and the good news is the fact that the Michael Jacksons Bad Plastic Surgery made him looks peculiar.

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