Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Have you ever wondered as to why one undergoes plastic surgery? We see a number of actors and actresses trying to look their best and in this process they get under the knife to look even better. While this can be one scenario, there are other veteran actors who wish to stay young to feel young and thus take help of plastic surgery procedures to keep their skin fresh and youthful and wrinkle free.
One such celebrity who took the path of plastic surgery is Michelle Phan. If you are a regular Youtube watcher then you would know who Michelle is. She is not an actress but is a popular face and a Youtube celebrity. Michelle Phan shares her makeup tutorials on Youtube and that is what had made her famous.
She was in news after her photos after her plastic surgery surfaced online. Michelle Phan plastic surgery though was considered a rumour a look at her pictures before and after plastic surgery do speak different stories. But even still there were many do still wonder did Michelle Phan get plastic surgery.
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A look at the pictures of Michelle Phan before plastic surgery surfaced online and all her fans were taken by surprise with her present look. Due to plastic surgery, Michelle Phan was completely looking different.
Michelle Phan did make some enhancements in her appearance and she also is said to have had a chin implant and this was done in the year 2012 when she went on a trip to Singapore. She has a more pointed chin now which certainly makes her look even more beautiful.
But to her surprise, all her fans have responded negatively and some of them even commented with disappointment. Most of them felt that Michelle who is the guru of makeup had made her more pretty but with the help of plastic surgery.

Written by Olivia Heath

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