Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Operation Did Go Wrong

Mickey Rourke plastic surgery is one cosmetic procedure that had gone wrong. Mickey Rourke was one famous actor from Hollywood who is known for his movies like Iron Man 2 as well as The Expandable. He is one actor who is known to have a very strong character and now that he is getting older, the actor like others got his name into the list of celebrities who underwent plastic surgery.
Some people are blessed with a perfect face and we all hate them, at least secretly. Mickey Rourke was a heartthrob in the 1980メs and maybe many men hated him for that. However, these days the situation has changed drastically and there is not much left to envy him for. We all know Mickey Rourke went under the knife as he shared post operator pictures of himself. This well known Hollywood actor also professed as a boxer. This new profession of his might have cause at least some of the procedures he endured on his face. It is said his nose got reshaped, or re-done some 5 times. At least twice doctors had to fix his broken nose and they even needed some cartilage from his ears.
A look at the pictures of Mickey Rourke before plastic surgery does show that he actor has indeed gone ahead with a much better and a resurrected look. But it is said that the actor did have a terrible story with his plastic surgery procedure. Mickey Rourke plastic surgery operation did go wrong and his attempts to look young didnメt work really well. He had undergone some plastic surgery procedures like a nose job, an eye lid surgery and also a facelift.
Luckily, his nose looks much better than other parts of his face that were less fortunate and this might be the fault of a bad choice in doctors too. Mickey Rourkeメs career has not met its end due to boxing nor due to plastic surgeries, as we can all see him in Iron Man 2, playing the villain. In the end, maybe some of the less successful procedures actually helped Mickey Rourkeメs career, but we will never know.
Many people get attracted with the procedures of plastic surgery but many fail to understand that these procedures if not done well can lead to terrible results. Such is the case with Mickey Rourke. He had a nose job done when he had broken his nose and needed to fix it. He stated that he under took procedure as his nose was broken two times and also was his cheek.
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The actor did feel depressed after having his facelift. This left his face look frozen and smooth and yet flawless. He almost had a face which made him look unrecognized. Though the facelift made him fight those wrinkles and sagging skin, it also took away his natural appearance he had.
Even the eye lid surgery he had did not go very well as it made his eyes look very unnatural. Even the Botox injections were overdone and thus his face looks bloated and very abnormal.

Written by Lea Freeh

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