Nicki Minaj Plastic Surgery and Butt Implants

The famous rapper and singer Nicki Minaj has been known to have many plastic surgeries during her years before she was famous up until today. The most recent Nicki Minaj plastic surgery was suspected by Beverly Hillsメs plastic surgeon. During her recent new performance at Fashion Rocks, she has appeared to have bigger and more enhanced behinds or it could be because of the work of some nice fat injections done on her buttocks. The injection could be done by taking fat from the hips and waist area and then injecting them to the gluteal area; and it is usually done at least once every six months.
The butt implants might just be one of the many Nicki Minaj plastic surgery that could endanger her health especially since she dances and moves around a lot during her performances. For this type of plastic surgery, after around ten years or so the procedure would start to wear off and the skin could appear to stretch or look saggy. Also, her buttocks somehow appear to be not in normal size especially because of their looks that are too big for her body proportion. This is probably why a lot of people along with plastic surgeons have suspected more surgeries have been done by her.
The controversy of Nicki Minaj plastic surgery has been talked about among the Hollywood celebrity industry especially during her iHeart Radio Music Festival performance in Las Vegas. Audience caught a glimpse of her unnatural and non-proportional shape of her buttocks and most of them Twitted the incidents immediately from their Twitterメs account. One of them even judged her as someone that is full of fakeness with all the plastic surgeries that she did. Apparently they think that her swag, her personality and individualities are fake, just like many things appearing from her body.
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Before this particular incident, there have been many speculations of her plastic surgeries and she had managed to comment on them by denying that she had no plastic surgery on her face, but she has never said anything about the plastic surgeries for her other body parts. Nicki Minaj plastic surgery is definitely one of the many things that people loves to talk about especially with her appearance that most of the time looks like a Barbie doll whether she is performing or when she is just out and about.
Her outlook appearance might just be the reason why people wonメt believe that Nicki Minaj plastic surgery was never been done. She always does appear to be modern and trendy looking with her colorful dresses and outfits, but other than that the features of her body itself appears like they have been surgically done. This could be the reason that she is always judged by many people especially the ones that are not too fond of her because of her appearances. For them, Nicki always said that the key to her appearance is the make-up and not plastic surgery. Whether this is true or not, she is the only one that knows the truth.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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