Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Nigella Lawson is quite popular as a celebrity chef and has been featured on a number of television shows. She is also known for her awesome persona which is very friendly. Before being a chef she was a writer and a book critic and also a bestselling author. Various critics have stated that there is more to Nigella Lawson than her career and husband that is the news of the plastic surgeries she had undergone.
Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery news made waves online and a number of stories revolving around the same were making rounds on a number of celebrity gossip websites. Though she was always very fresh looking with a beautiful face, many think that she has changed a lot. A number of photos which were recent show a lot of differences and she looks much younger now. While some question if Has Nigella Lawson Had Plastic Surgery, the others do believe that she had indeed undergone one.
Nigella Lawson is now looking better than before and even though she is in her fifties she still looks much younger without any wrinkles or puffiness around her eyes. A number of online site stated that Nigella Lawson Cosmetic Surgery involved treatment which she used to treat some bald spots. Even her recent photos show her really fresh with a glow on her face and with fuller lips, when compared to the tired look she had last year.
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It is thought that she might have undertaken Botox injections with lip fillers and she might even have opted for a face lift. The lip filler injections have now given her lip much fuller and glossy look and shape.
While a number of people think that she might have undergone a plastic surgery, she still attributes her healthy glow to eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle.

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