Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cosmetic surgery is not only something women take advantage of, especially in Hollywood. Men also want to appear rejuvenated for their own reasons. Just like women celebrities they go under the knife to change and improve their looks. A good example is Paul McCartney who is a musician from the U.K.
The singer is 71 years but looks so fresh and there has been gossip saying that he had a plastic surgery. He possibly tried to look younger because of his elderly age. Well, some rumor says that Paul was dating a younger woman and it is likely to be reason why he decided to go under the scalpel.
What has changed? His earlier photos show that he had begun forming wrinkles all over his face, especially around his eye but now every part of his face is smooth. He killed all the wrinkles and this is possibly through Botox injection which is an enhancement that brings such effects. He also had an eyelid surgery since his eyes appear freshened up free of wrinkles. He really balanced everything so well and it turned out perfect. Another rumor which is also possible to be true is hair transplant. People say that initially Paul had a bald head but now it has grown hair all over.

Written by Lea Freeh

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