Paul Stanley and His Addictions To Plastic Surgery

In his early life Paul Stanley was an unlikely candidate to become a rock star. He was born with a problem, which prevented his right ear from forming properly and left him deaf on the right side. He is mentally ill with the bullying friends at school and sometimes violence from his older sister. His parents had their own concerns and did not know in how to provide support for Stanleyメs difficulties.
It could clearly be seen on his comparison photos that Paul Stanley plastic surgery was something that was needed by him to enhance his look. This rumor might be true, because the manメs eyes and eyebrows are usually to age when they get older, and his arenメt. Another plastic surgery he had is a nose job, as well as a lip enhancement. However he got terrible results making his nose and lips weirdly shaped. people donメt really have to prove whether or not Paul Stanley went under the knife because of his plastic surgery.
Plastic surgery is a common now a days for famous people, including Paul Stanley and many other Rock star, sadly he became addicted and can not face nature aging again. Many fans feel sorry for him but it is fully his decision.
One of the experts a Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer tells to that Paul Stanley plastic surgery procedures include a nose job, facelift, Brow lift and a lip augmentation as well. He looks bad and overdone. Paul isnメt the only Kiss member to have gone under the knife in an attempt to turn back the years. Gene Simmons certainly underwent a facelift, together with his wife, Shannon, on The Family Jewels reality show.

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Written by Jessica Byrne

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