Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Before and After

Celebrities undergo plastic surgeries every now and then. Unfortunately not all of them go well to bring the desired results. Some even turn into a horror as they disfigure one completely.
Pete Burns may have got things burning for him since his surgery did not go well. He has actually done many of them and unlucky for him they are yet to give him a good look. What surprises most is that he is still dedicated to undergo more surgeries so that he can get an image he wants. What is wrong with this guy?
He is said to have sued his plastic surgeon for sleeping on her job because the surgery turned out to be a disaster.
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Most of her plastic jobs focus on his face whereby he has tried a facelift and Botox injections. The ugly look he has currently is unexplained but he might have used a wrong surgeon who overdid it to him. It would have been better if he maintained his original looks and I bethe feels the same about it. He is now in the books among the top ten celebrities to have had surgeries go nasty.
What can you say about Pete Burnsメ plastic surgery?

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