Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Before And After

Hear the name Presley; one just remembers none other than the famous and the late ElvisPresley. Priscilla Presley is the wife of Late Elvis Presley. Her name has now found its place in a number of gossip forums, thanks to her age and how she looks for her age. Priscilla Presley is 69 years old and she has indeed shocked everyone with her sudden change in appearance.
Priscilla Presley plastic surgery has become the most talked about in the gossip sites and it is said that she had undergone a number of surgeries which enhanced the way she looked. But it seems like it is a story with a sad ending. Her face does not have the expected appearance and even her taking Botox injections and fillers, she had a disastrous plastic surgery process.
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The process of Priscilla Presley cosmetic surgery has started with a facelift and this is one procedure which is opted by a number of people. These fillers are said to be quite effective in making someone look more youthful. But the same is not the case with Priscilla as she did not get the expected look. Her facelift looked really bad and the reason for this might be that the plastic surgeon might not have been a real professional one. But why would someone as smart as Priscilla Presley choose such an incompetent plastic surgeon, or was she just tricked.
She also undertook some Botox injections and this was very much visible from the Priscilla Presley before Plastic Surgery photos. But even this also seemed to have worked the wring way for her as her forehead looks frozen and also her face looks quite unnatural.
Some parts of her face got filler injections and those places looked swollen and frozen. These also include her lips and her cheeks.

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