Rachel Mcadams Plastic Surgery and Mole on Face

Rachel Mcadams, the beautiful Canadian actresses was born on the 17th November 1978 in London. She started acting at the age of 13 and her debut in the film world was in a Disneyメs series the Jett Jackson. After doing her graduation from the York in 2001, she worked for Canadian television for some time, however she became famous for her role in Mean girls in 2004.
Her attractive features and beautiful face had some moles. Rachel Mcadams mole was her trade make. People loved her moles, but it in the recent pictures we can see that there no more moles on her face. She has neat and clean skin. I am sure many of her fans might be disappointed as Rachel Mcadams mole on face was one reason people were in love with her.
Getting rid of her mole is not the only change she has made to her facial features. It seems there is a long list of Rachel Mcadams plastic surgery Botox Job. Letsメ start with her Botox and fillers, we can clearly see her before and after pictures that her skin has become tight and shiny. This shininess and tightness is the results of botox and filers. Rumor has it that she has gotten cheek implant done. Some of the recent pictures even affirm the rumor.
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However, the most prominent and controversial plastic surgery that she has gotten done is about her nose. It is speculated that the cooked nose she has at the moment is result of a failed nose job. There are many who claim that there is something wrong with the nose job and it is naturally like that, however, some do say that its time Rachel Mcadams rectify the mistakes made in her pervious nose job and get her nose back to normal.
According to an plastic surgeon Dr. Nassif Rachelメs narrow bridge is because of the fact that her right middle vault collapsed giving her nose the twisted look.

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