Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rachel Weisz, born on 7th March 1970, is a beautiful English film and theatre actress. Since the mid 90メs Rachel has managed to acquire a great career in Hollywood and people have fallen in love with her beauty. The 40 years old still is young and beautiful, it seems her aging is more of a blessing than a curse. Her flawless skin and perfect lips is her trademark.
Due to the fact that despite her aging years, she is becoming more and more rejuvenated people believe that she also gotten done different kinds of plastic surgeries. However, there are many specialists that believe that Rachel might have gotten Botox and nose job done, but chances of her getting under the knife are thin. Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn says that chances of Rachel getting a Botox done are very high. How else can anyone explain the flawless, shiny and wrinkle free skin at such an age.
It is also rumored that she has gotten some sort of filler injection for her lips. One can clearly see in her before and after pictures that her lips have become more plump and voluptuous whereas her lips in the previous pictures are pursed and tight. Since this much change in the lips is not possible naturally, it leaves only to one other conclusion, Mrs. Weisz has gotten filler injection done for her lips.
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Rachel Weisz plastic surgery is perhaps the most famous and prominent plastic surgeries she has gotten done so far. One can clearly see the mark difference in Rachel Weisz plastic surgery before and after pictures.

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