Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery is indeed not anyoneメs friend. While there are many success stories about plastic surgery being successful, there are also other stories that talk about the bad effects of plastic surgery. The plastic surgery of Ray Liotta is the best example for the same. The actor did try plastic surgery to look good but the expected results were not obtained and he can be termed as a plastic surgery victim.
The actor was 59 when he underwent a plastic surgery but he did have bad results due to the various procedures he had taken. It is said that he had taken Botox injections along with some filler injections too. Ray Liotta plastic surgery is often stated as a bad plastic surgery where things went bad with an overdose of Botox and facelift.
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Ray took facelift in order to look young but this procedure did go wrong and his face now looks very tight and frozen. The Botox injection is normally taken along with a facelift but it seems like he might have taken a wrong combination of the same and he had taken too much of Botox on his forehead which made it really frozen and unnatural. The filler injections he had taken had made the matters worse as his complete face had gone worse and he had for ever lost his very natural smile.
The actor though was old looked much well before his plastic surgery. Ray Liotta before plastic surgery had wrinkles but he had that charming smile which is now lost.
While many of his fans questioned about the plastic surgeon, the others just hoped that the actor would get better in the future. Letメs hope he undergoes a reconstruction surgery to correct his smile. Do tell us on what you think about the plastic surgery of Ray Liotta.

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