Renee Zellweger Face Before and After Plastic Surgery

Aging is a natural process but many people are not comfortable with their altered looks. Instead of aging gracefully, they try to stop or slow down this process with the help of plastic surgery and Botox treatments. Celebrities, who are under continuous limelight, feel awkward with their older-image looks and they try to find ways and means of enhancing their looks.
People recollect Renee Zellweger as a squinty eyed, cute baby faced blonde actor that is best remembered for her roles in Bridget Jones ムmovies and in movies like Chicago and Cold Mountain. The reason she was so popular was her distinctive genetic mixture. Her Norwegian-Sami heritage was easily a plus point because it made her look exotic and charming at the same time. Her small squinty eyes were her trademark that added to her specific personality, but now she has become one amongst many with no individual attribute.
One of the most frequently speculated question to be sure is whether she has done it or she has not. When the forty-five year old actor appeared at Hollywood awards, she was looking like a different persona. Her usual looks were simply missing and it looked as if a different person had taken her place. Her looks were dramatically changed and she was not the same any more. Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery rumors have brought this highly acclaimed actor under limelight once again. Different changes that were prominently visible on her face are as follows –
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Plastic surgeon are of a similar mind set in case of the actor as face of Renee Zellweger plastic surgery before and after is simply unrecognizable. An important surgeon has gone on to declare that as the distance between Reneeメs eyes and brows is less now than before, so she has certainly gone under a knife. Another well-known specialist has pointed out towards her flawless forehead and suggested usage of Botox. Renee Zellweger is missing her signature squint and it is possible to alter those with help of Botox injections. Her eyebrows are relaxed and this has helped in allowing the eyes to open up, thus altering her appearance to a certain degree. Therefore, one cannot help but wonder whether Renee Zellweger has gone for plastic surgery or not.

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