Rob Lowe Had Plastic Surgery Procedure

Rob Lowe is a well known actor from America and he is more than 50 years old. But the actor does not look old at all and he is now popular for his well known TV series named the Parks and Recreation. Another thing the actor is popular for is his news of plastic surgery. Talk and gossips about Rob Lowe plastic surgery is not new anymore and some of his fans have already made several threads around the same.
Rob Lowe did change a lot in his appearance and he owes it all to his plastic surgery procedure. He now has a much fresher look along with a new shape for his face. All this is certainly not possible with a healthy living and thus many suspect a plastic surgery. Just a look at the pictures of Rob Lowe plastic surgery before and after plastic surgery would show the difference in the shape of his face. When he was asked about the same, the actor stated that all this just a mere rumour and there is no truth to it. He stated that he had a gift of god and he did not choose any plastic surgery procedures.
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But from his pictures it is clearly evident that he had taken some doses of Botox injections and these helped him get rid of the wrinkles on his face. But it can be said that he had taken an overdose of the same and thus his face now looks frozen too.
Now that we also observed that his faceメs shape has changed, it could have been due to a chin and a jaw surgery he might have undergone. The jaw shape change could be due to weight loss but the chin shape change could not be overruled. Besides these he might have also had a nose job as his new nose is now slimmer with a small tip.
Has Rob Lowe had plastic surgery, we think he did, do tell us what you think about it.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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