Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before and After

We all know that plastic surgery is now a trend but it does not only attract female actresses and models but male celebrities too are attracted by the same. While there are many who just get a job or two done, other try to hide their signs of aging with the help of various plastic surgery procedures.
Robert Redford plastic surgery was such plastic surgery, where the actor who is aged 77 had undergone this to hide his age and look young. While many felt that there was no need to go in for it, others felt that he just wasted a whole lot of money on something useless.
Has Robert Redford had plastic surgery? The answer is maybe he did. Let us see more about the procedures he underwent and if it was good or a disaster. We can start with a comparison with his before and after pictures.
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Some of the plastic surgery procedures he might have had include a facelift and an eyelid surgery. Some also suspect a cheek surgery too but a look at his recent pictures make it sound like a plastic surgery went wrong.
Robert Redford did get a facelift in order to gain a fresh look. His recent images show that he has a tight face now and he also got rid of all those sagging skin but his face has become frozen. It can be possible that he would have also taken Botox injections which created a flawless look upon his forehead which is now smooth and wrinkle free.
He also would have had undergone an eyelid surgery and the affect of this is very clearly visible on his eyes. Even if the eyelid surgery was true, he still did not get the result expected as his eyes now look much smaller.

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