Rose McGowan Before and After Plastic Surgery

Rose McGowan made her big Hollywood debut in the year with the movie Encino Man. Earlier to that she stated to have had a very rough adulthood and there were also some accusations of drug abuse along with emancipation on her.
Rose McGowan always looked beautiful and she also looked a little more than being gorgeous, but the question still remains about her plastic surgery. There are many questions about Rose McGowan plastic surgery which all her fans wished to know and they always to know the honest truth. And the very simple answer to this is Yes. She had undergone plastic surgery but how much did she had had to be left to the experts to decide.
Rose McGowan Surgery for once was confirmed by the actress herself and this was an official story that she had a car accident which resulted on a scar on her face. This happened in the year 2007 and she had her glasses cut and that bruised her under her eye and due to this she had to undergo a plastic surgery to repair that damage caused.
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But it is also said that the actress did undergo few more procedures and a look at Rose McGowan before plastic surgery for references there is a clear evidence of a facelift and also a boob job along with an eyelid surgery. Even her chin has a different shape and even her cheeks today look much rounder and her eyelids too droop a little. So, does all this mean she had a plastic surgery?
Some of the well known plastic surgeons do state that she might have taken filler injections for her cheeks and it makes them look fuller and she might have also had her nose done as it now looks refined with the bridge being narrowed.

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