Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rupert Everett has those rugged handsome looks which won him a number of female fans and also a number of male admirers. But not everyone can recognize him in his present look. The actor appeared lately on a television show which left his fans shocked. Audience had seen a very visible transformation in his look and even his hair seemed different. The news of Rupert Everett Plastic Surgery surfaced online after his appearance in the TV show.
His new look and a fresh face was the one that had attracted the most number of comments. Many did state that the actor had a plastic surgery and his smooth cheeks as well his smooth forehead did make them thing so. But the actor states that the smooth cheeks and forehead were due to the makeup he had put on for the show. A number of his fans also did try to compare Rupert Everett before plastic surgery images to compare the changes in him.
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There were wrinkle on his face when he was spotted more than 18 months ago during a Film festival and some do state that the actor might have opted for a healthy living and thus had turned the clock back but others do suspect a plastic surgery procedure. But the new face he has does not show resemblance to his old face and this is why a plastic surgery is suspected. Even earlier as back in year 1987, Rupert Everett was known to be a trade mark for his all wrinkled forehead which is now extra smooth.
Even a popular magazine from US stated that the actor now looks younger by more than ten years and some stated that it is indeed the most terrible face lift they have seen.
If you are a fan of Rupert Everett, do let us know what you think about the same.

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