Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery: The Changes Before and After

Did Ryan Gosling change his nose thus changing his appearance before he shone in to fame? At least we are aware that he stopped the plucking of his eyebrows.
Having been a protagonist in the Mickey Mouse Club, then to Breaker High and ultimately to the Young Hercules during the late ム90s, it is very clear to us that his dreamy hair has changed to something totally different. That had nothing to do with his face but the photo below; from a Hercules & Xena convention in 1999 speaks something. The bump on his nose is noticeable.
After Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery in the picture above, he is hot yes with his nostril appearing to be quite wide and the bridge looks much straighter thus ruling out any notion that the cameras caught him when he had flared them. This is his natural appearance and the structure of his nose. Probably, at this point his nose job had already been done. There is therefore a possibility that he went for multiple nose plastic surgeries.
Moving on to the big leagues, the Ryan Gosling in 2011 at the premiere of the Drive, there are noticeable changes.
He has lost some weight and wears a tidier beard thus automatically improving on his looks. But on the big issue, are you seeing that he is having a much shorter, less projecting, thinner and straighter nose?
Ryan Gosling made a bold step to have his hooked nose done. The bump was removed and tip elevated thus turning him into a real classical hot Hollywood guy. The Rhinoplasty he underwent resulted in to an expertly done surgery that gives him a much youthful and young experience.
Mark you; I am not planning to date or even to meet Ryan Gosling. I donメt even think we will ever meet but my hope is that he is reading this article from wherever he is!

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