Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you watched モthe sex and the cityヤ TV series then you should be knowing about Sarah Jessica Parker. She starred in this romance series and was recognized in Hollywood as one of the most attractive women of all time. What others find unbelievable is the look she has which is young compared to her current age of 48. Rumors are now everywhere that she has done plastic surgery in almost every part of her body.
She is said to have had plastic surgeries on her nose and breasts. Her old photos show that her nose was a bit wide but it is now thinner and sharp at its end.
Do you think it is just a delusive gossip that Sarah Jessica Parker underwent a plastic surgery?
Although it is not enough evidence that she underwent this procedure, her boobs also suggest it. When her new and old photos are compared, the boobs appear moreᅠlike full and cup .
One thing however that suggests it all are her hands. They used to be so weak with a lot of veins showing but they are now totally changed. She is even said to have shunned having her pedicures and manicures so as to hide her hands from the public. With all surrounding her controversy, she still denies that she has never undergone any surgery or refilling.

Written by Jessica Byrne

Jessica Byrne is celebrity journalist. Have you seen images of celebrities before and after plastic surgery? Then their articles are written for you! Check out the image gallery of celebrities before and after plastic surgery