Shruti Hassan Before And After Nose and Plastic Surgery Photos

It is amazing how celebrities have embraced plastic surgery as a means to enhance their charm and beauty. The trend can also be seen among Bollywood actors and actresses. A good example is popular Bollywood actress Shruti Hassan who headlines on the Shruti Hassan plastic surgery.
We have seen her in movies like luck, beyond the Snake, Oh my friend, Puli, Gabbar is back, 7AumAviru, Balupu, Yevadu and many more. The actress also composes, writes and sings songs. She is the voice behind the films, luck, Aum AVIRU and Chachi 420.
She is the eldest daughter of former successful Bollywood couple, Kamal Hassan, and Sarika. Shruti paved her way into the limelight since she was a little girl and has since become a household name in the Indian movie and music industry.
Rumored to have had several nose jobs (scientifically known as Rhinoplasty), the super cute actress has managed to achieve a well-structured nose that perfectly complements her facial structure.
The Shruti Hassan plastic surgery was previously seen as just a rumor being spread by bloggers, but it turned out that the rumor was not just a rumor but true. Proof of the surgery can be seen from the before and after photos of the celebrated actress.
Unlike her fellow counterparts, the actress admitted to having had a nose job that got rid of her slanting nose and wide nostrils giving her a perfect sharp nose. Well, even though she had excuses for having had health reasons to undergo the procedure, admitting it was a wise decision as denial could only earn her negative criticisms, both from the fans and the media.
The Shruti Hassan before and after plastic surgery photos clearly indicates the procedure was more than a success. Shruti looks prettier compared to before. Already she is on top on Tollywood with multiple hits. Conquering Bollywood is a matter of time for this bombshell.

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Written by Jessica Byrne

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