Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before and After

We have seen a number of actresses undergoing plastic surgery to look beautiful and hide her signs of age but there are also actors who undergo plastic surgery. A number of fans of Steve Martin have always wondered if the well known actor had undergone plastic surgery. Steve Martin is a comedy actor so his looks are not all that important but the actor still felt the need to retort to plastic surgery. People though love his humor and acting they still feel that one question of theirs still remains unanswered.
Steve Martin got famous with his performances in TV and he also plays piano and banjo. Some of his famous genres are stand up comedy as well as slapstick and blue grass music. He also won a number of awards for his performances which include the American Comedy Award and a Grammy Award too.
Martin is almost 71 years old but he looks just like 20 years ago so rumor has it he had botox done and possibly more. The most notable difference between him and other men his age is the absence of wrinkles. His forehead is smooth and lacks bumps, while his skin overall looks rejuvenated. It is not clear if the actor also had a face lift, but his face looks firm and tight. Steve Martin did not admit to the cosmetic surgery rumors and he stated he prefers aging gracefully.
It was in the year 2010 that the famous plastic surgeon stated that the actor might have undergone plastic surgery and might have taken some Botox injections along with the facial fillers. But he also stated that the actor did get the benefit from them and he does not need anything else as his look now looks natural and suits him well too. A look at the above picture of Steve Martin before plastic surgery would certainly show some difference.
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Many of his fans would certainly feel bad if the actor would have had anything worse and would have changed his appearance as he is known for his funniest expressions and some of the facial expressions are those which only he can do. Though Botox is for everyone, people should never overdo it as it might make their face plastic and frozen.
Steve Martin Plastic Surgery did take his fans by surprise but they were indeed happy to see their favourite comedian did choose to grow old gracefully without much of a outside help. Do let us know what you think about Steve Martin Plastic Surgery.

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