Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgeries have become the new way of making yourself look beautiful, many actresses fallen prey to numerous facial treatments in order to enhance their looks. However, what they fail to understand is people have liked them before they got all these plastic surgeries done, so what is the point of taking oneself under the knife. Among many actress Susan Sarandon, the Academy award winner has undergone a number of plastic surgeries.
Unlike most of the other Hollywood actress, this beautiful American actress does not mind admitting the fact that she has gotten some surgeries done. She says that it is not easy for find work especially when you are aging and your looks are fading away. Not able to hold on the your youthful and beautiful looks is very frustrating and disappointing. Despite her advance age, she still makes head turn wherever she goes. Her sizzling, curvy figure and her beautiful red locks are her trade mark.
The list of Susan Sarandon Plastic surgery includes liposuction. She says that in order to get rid of the extra skin on her neck and face she got liposuction done. According to her, access skin on the neck in among the first signs of an aging woman. Susan has never accepted that she has gotten breast implant done, the evidence is there. We can clearly see the mark difference between her current and old pictures. Also, she been repeatedly saying that for an actress to be successful in Hollywood she needs to have big breast.
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According to many skin specialists and plastic surgeons, Susan has gotten more plastic surgeries than she admits. Having such amazing looks and figure at such an age is not possible with the only the surgeries she is accepting. Susan Sarandon before and after pictures is proof of her numerous plastic surgeries. But then, at-least she is accepting to the basic ones, unlike star that shy away from the question, ignore it or simply deny it.

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