Sushmita Sen Plastic Surgery Pictures Before and After

Sushmita Sen, the Asian beauty queen, is apparently not an exception in the whole plastic surgery saga. Being one of the oldest actresses in the Bollywood movie industry, she has had her share of controversies and also great moments. One of the controversies that caught up with the actress is the Sushmita Sen Plastic surgery.
The 40-year-old actress had her first procedure right after winning the Miss Universe beauty pageant. At the time, she had a breast implant that left her with firm and well-rounded breasts. Since then the actress made major breakthroughs in the Bollywood scene bagging several awards for her outstanding performances both as an actor and as a model.
Did you know that she was the first Bollywood actress to have a plastic surgery? Yes, she premiered plastic surgery in the industry if I may say. She won the Miss Universe beauty pageant at 19years that is around 1994 where she immediately had a breast implant to achieve a much sexier look.
Looking at Sushmita before and after plastic surgery you will see the difference in her chest size which affirms that she indeed had a breast implant. By the way, she has always admitted to having had her breasts fixed.
Sometime later reports started filling the media waves that she had also had her nose done. Although the actress is yet to admit to these reports, it is evident from Sushmita before and after photos that her nose looks different.
We have seen most celebrities whose procedures went wrong with some looking worse than they looked before. But for Sushmita Sen Plastic surgery, the results are impeccable. The nose job went well. Before, she had a wider nose bridge with an unpolished edge but now her nose looks so beautiful.
Plastic surgery isnメt a bad thing after all; it just depends on your luck lol!

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Written by Jessica Byrne

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