Tara Reid Plastic Surgery

Tara Reed is a well known actress who was once a model and who got into limelight with movie American Pie. She was known to be one of the sexiest actresses but her wish to remain the same throughout has forced her into plastic surgery which came out to be a disaster for her. Tara Reid plastic surgery was one of those surgeries which went wrong and the outcome was scary.
Some of the Tara Reid before and after plastic surgery pictures did bring in a lot of attention in the media. There were clear signs of plastic surgery and some of the procedures which she underwent include breast implants and a tummy tuck.
The most obvious changer in her was her breasts. Many people noticed the change in her size and they think that the boob job might be the obvious reason behind the same. But if that is the case, it has to be said that it was a job not well done. In most of the cases when a boob job happens, the patient tends to get a tighter and a bigger breast but in the case of Tara Reid bad plastic surgery her breasts looked saggy and she looked older to her due to this.
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While some state that the surgeon did not perform it well, others feel that might be her habit of smoking could have been the reason behind it. Beside boob job, she had also tried liposuction to make her tummy flat. But now that her tummy is flat, it looks quite unnatural and also has some visible scars.
While some say that she had wasted money going in for those procedures, some also admit that Tara Reid botched plastic surgery didnメt make her worse.

Written by Jessica Byrne

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