Tyra Banks Before and After Plastic Surgery

Tyra Banks is a well known model and a very famous TV personality who always claimed to be against plastic surgeries and going under the knife. Her statements did bring her a number of comments from many, especially when her nose suddenly looks different from what it was earlier. So, does it mean that the news of Tyra Banks plastic surgery was true? Letメs read on to know more.
The news about the nose job of Tyra Banks is not at all a speculation at all. It is very clearly evident from the pictures of Tyra Banks before plastic surgery and after surgery that she had indeed undergone a nose surgery and the result is so obviously seen.
She earlier used to have a very wide nose and with a bulbous tip. But after her plastic surgery she has a narrow looking nose and even the tip now has become smaller. The fact is evident that it is not due to make up but it is due to plastic surgery.
Though Tyra Banks never admitted that she had a plastic surgery, many think that the difference might be due to a makeup glitch, there are others who do believe that she had undergone a nose job.
Whatever the reason might be, the new look of her nose now makes her look even more confident and pretty and we should admit that even though she underwent a nose job, it complemented the way she looks. Her nose now has a elegant look and suits her perfectly as it has a natural look.
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While the procedure of getting a nose job done has indeed become a trend to many in Hollywood, not all procedures are termed to be successful. There are many few cases where the nose jobs have come out to be so natural and one such case is the nose job of Tyra Banks.

Written by Lea Freeh

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